“Have a baby, it will be fun” they said

Then I went and had three, and this should be triple fun, applying elementary arithmetics. Fail. Disclaimer: This is not a rant It's 2.45am, and I am being subjected to insomnia under duress. It all began at about 4.00pm, when I did a quick check on them from the office. They were asleep, we like … Continue reading “Have a baby, it will be fun” they said

Wife? Mom? Harmattan 101

1. Who owns these men with white feet all around Lagos? Aunty, come and carry your husband, please. I know they no dey hear, these men. Just take that bottle of lotion and apply it by yourself. If you can't, and he can't, please collect all the palm slippers and hide. Shoes or nothing Shoes.

Who are we being strong for?

One of the most excruciating things to watch, is your child, sick. I realise daily, that with rearing toddlers, there is no balance. The house is chaotic half the time, and you are running about settling fights and tidying up. A freshly scrubbed sitting room can be turned to a big lie, by an efficient … Continue reading Who are we being strong for?


"Your baby is sooo cute!" This is one compliment I stopped paying any mother after I had mine. I prefer to tell the baby directly "Fine boy! Fine girl!" I always told Kabiyesi before we got married that the sight of babies created an ache in my womb. "Do you know where your womb is?" … Continue reading MY BABY IS NOT JUST CUTE…