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HOW TO: Styling your baby-girl’s afro hair

I thought I survived the busy weekend scotfree, till I looked at 100Watt's hair a few minutes before they left for school. I had zero time to braid or style. So here is a pretty quick fix; Dampen hair with... Continue Reading →


On missing toothbrushes…and all other matters ancilliary

I feel the need to warn you about my love for saying "all other matters ancilliary". It doesn't always mean there is an ancilliary matter. With that out of the way,this post is some 33hours old.(Data plan gave no warning... Continue Reading →

An insominic story: Identify your selling point

Sometimes your toddler won't just sleep, you must know and be prepared for this. On some nights, they will wake up and ask for indomie, then ask you to lift them to the fridge so they can stick up their... Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Protecting your baby-girl’s afro hair

Baby girls are about the cutest beings you can set your eyes upon. Maintaining that cuteness is however beyond shopping for all the pink items at various sale points. Hair to me is a conversation that existed before I was... Continue Reading →


This morning, my son was very reluctant about going to school. I knew it was the adjustment from the previous playgroup class to this new one with work a bit more serious. But for asking sake, I interrogated Me: Did... Continue Reading →

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