The village square where humour, parenting and life experiences hold their meetings.



ÓCHÚCHÚ MALLAM GANIYU (The Sack of Mallam Ganiyu)

Mallam Ganiyu bú ónyé nche Ezínúlò ndi be Odozie, kemgbe di ókpala ha bu Izunna bú nwatakiri. Anà àkwú ya ezigbo ego, obúrú ya na émépe ónú úzò ama fa, nya na emechi ya, nya na àkpú ókookò ósisi nííle... Continue Reading →


How I Won the Shit Packing Award

My selling point is this--->I pack it with grace and an enviable mien of normalcy

Oga, We Are Not Pregnant Abeg

"The man who says we are pregnant may challenge me years later and claim Omugwo rights" -Ani, goddess of fertility (1921)   For most people, the joys of double lines on a urine test strip catapults them to the top... Continue Reading →

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