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Chaos is beautiful

My mom scowled at the 'Dirt is good' campaign for the Omo detergent years back. Not that she did not believe Omo could wash off all those stains as claimed, she was bothered with the message they were telling kids.... Continue Reading →


Natural Hair Inspiration: Season One-Episode two

The Igbos say that a man who is praised for what he has done, will do another one. The volume of e-mails and tweets I received from episode one makes me happy to know that we have inspired some of you.... Continue Reading →

Introducing: AchalugoWrites Mid-week natural hair series

Season One: Episode one Hair is not a discussion for me. I mean it. I am however a great talker, chochocho like radio. What is a poor babe to do when people keep throwing hair into my discussions? I would never... Continue Reading →

Top five reasons to or to not rock my current hairdo

Over the weekend, I thought about what to do with my hair which has been staring at me since I took down my braids. At this point of my life, I honestly have lost all appreciation for weaves. Its all... Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Protecting your baby-girl’s afro hair

Baby girls are about the cutest beings you can set your eyes upon. Maintaining that cuteness is however beyond shopping for all the pink items at various sale points. Hair to me is a conversation that existed before I was... Continue Reading →

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