The village square where humour, parenting and life experiences hold their meetings.



‘SAHM’ ‘WM’…Can we just forget about these tags?

If a 'SAHM' was paid a salary, would people think differently?


Where do you draw the line?

Know when it is no longer working, know when to stop, don't let that horse drop dead beneath you.

“My mom doesn’t want your advice!” said a little child

You look very stupid when you correct my childrens' super hero in their front. I am Mommy, therefore, that puzzled look they give you is a very simple 'what rubbish is this person on about?'.

How I Won the Shit Packing Award

My selling point is this--->I pack it with grace and an enviable mien of normalcy

Unplanned pregnancy and the married woman

I came across a married woman in October last year, asking people around for where she could have a safe abortion. It came across to me as a rude awakening that married women too get 'unwanted pregnancies'. I tried a... Continue Reading →

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