The story of the birth video I didn’t make (II)

The story of the birth video I didn't make (I) If you have been pregnant before, you would be no stranger to the advice to get regular sex towards your due date. Ask your doctor or everyone's doctor (google). "I want to push, I'm going to push, you better let me push" So I went … Continue reading The story of the birth video I didn’t make (II)

The little things

"Mommy, you have to come for our art exhibition, my painting is up" But you see, Lagos living is not wired to enable you take three hours off work, after returning from a recent three hours off work for immunization trips. Who wants to watch splatters of paints and butterflies with economic time? Then the … Continue reading The little things

My Monologues

10.  On Homeworks So, I was really thrilled at the last P.T.A meeting (my childrens' school have fancy name for it, but I sorta want to stick to what it was called in my time), when it was announced that some days would be homework free days for the children. The aim was to curb … Continue reading My Monologues

Midnight theft on a private TGIF

I slept off last night in the sittingroom surrounded by a half eaten bar of *white toblerone* chocolate,Ribena,half drunk bottle of mirinda,bottle of vodka,chewing gum and all other assorted munchy I add weekly to my TGIF home-made cinema party content.This is what I do now on most friday nights. This is not because of the … Continue reading Midnight theft on a private TGIF