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Flawed…and owning it

P:S: This is not one of those sugar coated narratives about accepting yourself the way you are. That said, I woke up yesterday and did a census of the acne on my face, I was heartbroken.  I have enjoyed relatively... Continue Reading →


The aftermath of mills and boons vs reality

"Acha, those romance novels lied to us o" My friend said to me, days ago. Then today, I found a colleague immersed in a novel, smiling dreamily. I snatched the book from her and took a shot. When I clocked... Continue Reading →

Spell Tired: A-c-h-a-l-u-g-o

This used to be a joke between my friends and I, during my undergraduate days. It is much more fun to watch us act it out, so I'm afraid the meaning may be lost to a few. Very simple o.... Continue Reading →

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