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Before 5.00am

There's this fabulous account on Instagram I follow, the handle is @before5am.  ​Your sleep time plays a large role in how successful you become and remain I found the most recent post inspiring enough to share.  Photo: @before5am Before5am: Sunday... Continue Reading →


The unbecoming of a buka addict

What is a Buka? A Buka is any housing where edible dreams and aspirations are met, it is a state of mind, it is an enabling environment for reckless consumptional experimentation. (C) Achalugo

Lagos has an uncanny way of fixing it’s branding coinages into your head. ‘Eko o ni baje’ ‘Lagos is working’ One of them promised you the super ease of being able to move about with your millions, and spend same... Continue Reading →

Lagos Living: Ten tips to having and managing power supply effectively

1. Two Generators: These are not the days when Generators were back up, PHCN is back up now. And you know, if Generator is your main power supply, it goes without saying that you need a back up generator. Depending... Continue Reading →

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