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The Wages of Motherhood is…a few broken treasures

I like Style statements, not the neck breaking ones, the ones that people can see a headless photo of you and still say "That is you". Or to be able to flip through a fashion magazine and say "Daniella would... Continue Reading →


What pocket money meant then…and now

If you think this is an economic post, about how inflation and increase in everything has made a mockery of pocket money value, sorry to disappoint you. I know some of you used N5 to buy three Galas and two... Continue Reading →

How Ogiri nearly put Kabiyesi in trouble

The secrets of the kitchen have been revealed to the women mostly by the gods, that is why sometimes a man will enter your kitchen and just misbehave.

Oga, We Are Not Pregnant Abeg

"The man who says we are pregnant may challenge me years later and claim Omugwo rights" -Ani, goddess of fertility (1921)   For most people, the joys of double lines on a urine test strip catapults them to the top... Continue Reading →


This is a return-match. Before some people call Kabiyesi now and orchestrate kata-kata in the palace. My sister Ona had this post up a few days ago;  Letter to my future husband. I found it honest and exciting at the same... Continue Reading →

If I had a Junior Wife

  I can have a junior wife. I mean it.   I imagine how I would jump off my couch, reduce the volume of my AfricaMagic movie and break into a traditional welcome song and dance. The typical junior wife would... Continue Reading →

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