Teeth Tale Thursday

"Why are all your body parts falling apart?" That was my Boss' tease when I asked for two days off, so I could get my eyeglasses replaced and take care of some cavities. That was two weeks ago. Here are some of the excuses I thought up and convinced myself to skip the dental appointment. … Continue reading Teeth Tale Thursday


Dear Wifey, On this eve of our nuptials, I feel there are a few things you definitely have to know about marrying a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders, regardless of time or social acceptability, follow their passion. Those of us who toil in the weight room day after day attempting to better ourselves receive a lot of flak … Continue reading LETTER TO A BODYBUILDER’S WIFE

Getting your pre-baby body back (or better)

Chioma Anyaegbu chats with Jane, who still turns heads after childbirth. Jane Ananyi is an Accountant, proud wife, mother to two kids.     Current weight. 68kg Dream weight I actually just want to maintain my weight by working out to get rid of some stubborn fat and turning them to muscles; Exact weight loss goals Generally to … Continue reading Getting your pre-baby body back (or better)