The babies of the babies are growing

My Whatsapp chats are where everything happens, my own 360° lifestyle hub. I have conversations that uplift, I engage with people's fears, we have joyful conversations, and of course, the times that we don't agree. "I am not ready for sex education!" She blurted out. So my friend sends me a message from the blues, … Continue reading The babies of the babies are growing

How I became an Owl

There are two types of Night people; those who wake up early, and those who stay up late. I have tried for years to reset my body clock. I joke often, that my timetable is an American citizen living in Nigeria.  I soon learnt to study beside a pot of beans, to watch YouTube videos … Continue reading How I became an Owl

Sometimes, something gotta give

I should be sorry for the moments I am scarce on here, scratch that, I am sorry. I see the accusation in his eyes, even though he doesn't say it, I hug him. I love my father. But I have found a way to deal with my guilt -a true realization, and this is that … Continue reading Sometimes, something gotta give

Twenty five plus

In the year that I turned twenty five, it felt major. I've gotten used to not having parties on my birthday a long time ago. My birthday always fell in lent, infact one year it was Ash wednesday. In the year that it wasn't Lent, I was already stiff, used to solemn. The year I … Continue reading Twenty five plus

Standing up to parenting Judges

​On page 45 of the parenting book I may never write, you would find paragraphs and paragraphs of this ridiculous behaviour of others. I do not guarantee that you won't always feel pained when your parenting is judged From the moment your pregnancy bump is visible, take note, you become everyone's business. After you have … Continue reading Standing up to parenting Judges