Boys on Jumping trousers (III)

Welcome to the third installment of #BOJT. The first two can be found by going to the homepage and scrolling down. For returning devotees, let's go! The grieving woman was mute, Atinuke took it as an invitation to make a case. “Aya Agbaje, you know my pastor, he has given children to childless women, made … Continue reading Boys on Jumping trousers (III)

Hello, working mom.

I came home last night at 7.30pm. In all honesty, I wasn't tired. The drive home had been short, fifteen minutes approximately, lucky. "You still have some light in your eyes", Chief said to me. "Well, I am not worn out". And then I did what human beings like to do sometimes, I erased the … Continue reading Hello, working mom.

Boys on Jumping trousers (II)

Thank you, readers, for the great feedback last week! Here is the concluding bit of Chapter one and we begin Chapter two. ... Bodunrin laughed. Jason started to join in the laughter and then bit his lips, glancing at the door, wondering if anyone could hear him as he went mad. He had never had … Continue reading Boys on Jumping trousers (II)

Boys on Jumping trousers (Episode 1)

So it's my birth month! I shall be a year older on the 6th and I'm exceptionally excited this year. Nothing has changed, I still don't do birthday parties -nothing spiritual, I really can't deal with organizing a party for myself. I'll kick off the month with sharing my work of prose from last year, … Continue reading Boys on Jumping trousers (Episode 1)

Control + Z

If you float from the Microsoft to the Adobe suite like I do, chances are that you have a folder of keyboard shortcuts filed away in memory, more like resting at your finger tips. ...I had to start life afresh in another country. I didn't like it because I wasn't working and the requirements for … Continue reading Control + Z