The closures that never came

...and never may. A year after secondary school, an old classmate called me from the blues, I was very surprised, it wasn't because we were no longer friends. Years back, she was a new girl in my school and we sort of hit up nicely, but we couldn't have been termed very close friends by … Continue reading The closures that never came

The danger with a certain circle…or none at all

The beginning of my understanding of cliques, or a close circle of friendship, began on the streets between Adetola and some other street I do not remember, in Aguda, Surulere. The year was 1998, I think. We would walk from our school to our common entrance lesson, taught by a Ghanaian man with a penchant … Continue reading The danger with a certain circle…or none at all

Boys on Jumping trousers (IV)

Welcome to the fourth installment of #BOJT. The first three can be found by going to the homepage and scrolling down. For returning devotees, let's go! He was back to the moment, he broke the silence. “Bodunrin, are you really dead? What killed you?” “I don’t know… I had this excruciating pain in my chest. … Continue reading Boys on Jumping trousers (IV)

Mommy guilt is a thing!

There is such a thing called 'mommy guilt', that nagging feeling that constantly tells you that you aren't doing well enough, that nags you when you have to make a choice between something and your children. Moms who have to work long hours find they get this more often -I have friends who cry from … Continue reading Mommy guilt is a thing!