Dividends of Mommacracy

I should have taken a photo of myself in my Khaki and baby carrier to match this post now that I think of it, let me not dwell on the past. However, confess, some of you people look at corpers carrying babies oddly. You give them second glances, and sometimes run your unsolicited comments of … Continue reading Dividends of Mommacracy

A quick one

You people remember from old posts that this was my service year abi? Fast forward to today and hopefully sometime in future I shall find a thing or two to blog about my corping experience. In the meantime, my dilemma; I refused to be called a Tomboy, the tag always seemed to me like a … Continue reading A quick one


  "Touch me in the heart. Or don't touch me at all. If someone would just leave burning candles along the way, so we don't get lost. So we don't get lost..."-Dike Chukwumerije. I got lost. Not totally, but I did get lost. It was beyond donning a pair of Jeans, Slack top and your … Continue reading TOUCH ME IN THE HEART…OR DONT TOUCH ME AT ALL