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How I became an Owl

There are two types of Night people; those who wake up early, and those who stay up late. I have tried for years to reset my body clock. I joke often, that my timetable is an American citizen living in... Continue Reading →


Twenty five plus

In the year that I turned twenty five, it felt major. I've gotten used to not having parties on my birthday a long time ago. My birthday always fell in lent, infact one year it was Ash wednesday. In the... Continue Reading →

Standing up to parenting Judges

​On page 45 of the parenting book I may never write, you would find paragraphs and paragraphs of this ridiculous behaviour of others. I do not guarantee that you won't always feel pained when your parenting is judged From the... Continue Reading →

Standing up to parenting Judges

On page 45 of the parenting book I may never write, you would find paragraphs and paragraphs of this ridiculous behaviour of others. I do not guarantee that you won't always feel pained when your parenting is judged.  From the... Continue Reading →

Ten ways to help you manage the home load

In response to my before 5.00am  post a few weeks ago, Ayobami had some comments about not sleeping early no matter how she tried. Half the time, we get mentally worked up trying to choose what's for dinner or what the... Continue Reading →

On period cramps, and why Zambia is right

Zambia recently moved from a Country where it was taboo to talk about women and periods, to making provisions in their Law allowing women to take off one day a month on their periods. They also do not have have... Continue Reading →

Pay attention to your compliments

The attitudes you pick up around end up becoming little bits and pieces that form yours. I want to talk about humility, false humility and the idea of humility. To be humble is a good thing, fantastic virtue to have. ... Continue Reading →

Before 5.00am

There's this fabulous account on Instagram I follow, the handle is @before5am.  ​Your sleep time plays a large role in how successful you become and remain I found the most recent post inspiring enough to share.  Photo: @before5am Before5am: Sunday... Continue Reading →

Flawed…and owning it

P:S: This is not one of those sugar coated narratives about accepting yourself the way you are. That said, I woke up yesterday and did a census of the acne on my face, I was heartbroken.  I have enjoyed relatively... Continue Reading →

I learnt to knot a tie!

I'm excited. I learnt to knot a tie. It's probably a silly reason to be excited, but I am. A few nights ago, Kabiyesi struggled with knotting his tie in preparation for work the next day.  "Acha, don't tell me... Continue Reading →

On neglect, loss and redemption

I love body art. I have a past of qualifying my love for body art, explaining that my love for tattoos and piercings were limited to their reasonability. I still do not understand some tattoos, nor some multi-positioned body piercings.... Continue Reading →

The aftermath of mills and boons vs reality

"Acha, those romance novels lied to us o" My friend said to me, days ago. Then today, I found a colleague immersed in a novel, smiling dreamily. I snatched the book from her and took a shot. When I clocked... Continue Reading →

There is nothing like fallen breasts

Just when you think the ridiculous arguments of where, why, when and how to breastfeed is over, some women are told that their breasts have fallen.

The little things

"Mommy, you have to come for our art exhibition, my painting is up" But you see, Lagos living is not wired to enable you take three hours off work, after returning from a recent three hours off work for immunization... Continue Reading →

Where do you draw the line?

Know when it is no longer working, know when to stop, don't let that horse drop dead beneath you.

Wife? Mom? Harmattan 101

1. Who owns these men with white feet all around Lagos? Aunty, come and carry your husband, please. I know they no dey hear, these men. Just take that bottle of lotion and apply it by yourself. If you can't, and he can't, please collect all the palm slippers and hide. Shoes or nothing Shoes.

Nutritional hide and seek


I get am before, no be property; Lessons from a corn roasting outfit.

I enjoy a very warm friendship with Mommy J. It was all politics. Politics of using my bump last year to skip the pretty long queue of everyone who wanted her roasted corn.  Politics that teaches you that when it... Continue Reading →

Lagos Living: Ten tips to having and managing power supply effectively

1. Two Generators: These are not the days when Generators were back up, PHCN is back up now. And you know, if Generator is your main power supply, it goes without saying that you need a back up generator. Depending... Continue Reading →

Teeth Tale Thursday

"Why are all your body parts falling apart?" That was my Boss' tease when I asked for two days off, so I could get my eyeglasses replaced and take care of some cavities. That was two weeks ago. Here are... Continue Reading →

Five tips you should keep in mind about homeworks

Who remembers 'Understanding Mathematics?' That thing terrified me in Primary school. The first time TheBoss brought it home, I was legit nervous and slightly shaken from past trauma. I think I was one of those people born never to love... Continue Reading →

How not to go late to church

You did that walk of shame last sunday, and promised yourself you would be earlier to mass/service the next sunday. Next sunday has come, same old late Madam. Once the kids start coming, it is no longer easy to jump... Continue Reading →

On Mazes and Pencils…a mini rant on keeping your parenting business to yourself

For people who are not fans of the social media, one point they repeatedly raise in trying to assert the disadvantages, is that a number of people post photos or status updates to soothe some attention seeking parts of themselves.... Continue Reading →

My Oven and I: A true narrative on facing our fears

Today, I did something I haven't done in two years and I felt like a bird set free from its cage Tigress released from captivity. I opened my Oven...

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