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How I became an Owl

There are two types of Night people; those who wake up early, and those who stay up late. I have tried for years to reset my body clock. I joke often, that my timetable is an American citizen living in... Continue Reading →


Standing up to parenting Judges

On page 45 of the parenting book I may never write, you would find paragraphs and paragraphs of this ridiculous behaviour of others. I do not guarantee that you won't always feel pained when your parenting is judged.  From the... Continue Reading →

Ten ways to help you manage the home load

In response to my before 5.00am  post a few weeks ago, Ayobami had some comments about not sleeping early no matter how she tried. Half the time, we get mentally worked up trying to choose what's for dinner or what the... Continue Reading →

Before 5.00am

There's this fabulous account on Instagram I follow, the handle is @before5am.  ​Your sleep time plays a large role in how successful you become and remain I found the most recent post inspiring enough to share.  Photo: @before5am Before5am: Sunday... Continue Reading →

Wife? Mom? Harmattan 101

1. Who owns these men with white feet all around Lagos? Aunty, come and carry your husband, please. I know they no dey hear, these men. Just take that bottle of lotion and apply it by yourself. If you can't, and he can't, please collect all the palm slippers and hide. Shoes or nothing Shoes.

Lagos Living: Ten tips to having and managing power supply effectively

1. Two Generators: These are not the days when Generators were back up, PHCN is back up now. And you know, if Generator is your main power supply, it goes without saying that you need a back up generator. Depending... Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Styling your baby-girl’s afro hair

I thought I survived the busy weekend scotfree, till I looked at 100Watt's hair a few minutes before they left for school. I had zero time to braid or style. So here is a pretty quick fix; Dampen hair with... Continue Reading →


Honda is the dog I had for a few weeks many years ago. I love animals but same cannot be said of Kabiyesi. Are my kids going to have their own dog,cat or rabbit much later? To be honest, i... Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Protecting your baby-girl’s afro hair

Baby girls are about the cutest beings you can set your eyes upon. Maintaining that cuteness is however beyond shopping for all the pink items at various sale points. Hair to me is a conversation that existed before I was... Continue Reading →

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