In the year that I turned twenty five, it felt major. I’ve gotten used to not having parties on my birthday a long time ago. My birthday always fell in lent, infact one year it was Ash wednesday. In the year that it wasn’t Lent, I was already stiff, used to solemn.

The year I turned twenty five, my maid of honour Cocomma no gree. 

“What do you mean no party?”

“No party means no party”

You see, I fire up a storm on Kabiyesi’s birthday. I take weeks to prep myself up for the cooking, mentally arranging my menu, guest list, and you see, I cannot do that twice a year mbok. 

So I stood my ground, and when they had the temerity to guilt trip me, I gave them back in their coin

“Those who they throw surprise parties for, do they have four heads?”


Somehow, calls were made, food landed, cake landed, friends and family landed and it was just alright in the end.

Today again, between Kabiyesi and Cocomma, they have tried all day to make sure I have a good day. I heard him whsipering at the verandah

“You know it’s hard to surprise her”

I was amused ehn!

The messages across all media have been overwhelming. If you love and are loved in return, cherish it. Love unconditionally, glow always, and laugh often.

I remember someone asked me on a post same twenty fifth birthday

“How old are you, Achalugo?”

“Long past twenty, far from thirty”

Today, I don’t know how to respond with wit. My nearest attempt was this -twenty five plus. Riddle perhaps: 

I am over twenty five, my age this year is an odd number. How old am I? Family, and ex classmates are not qualified to partake. Winner gets an assurance that tomorrow is the 7th of March

Hehehe, but I’m certain about one thing, I am not looking back and wondering what I did with my life.
I have taken most of my chances, I have regrettably missed some. I have had ups, and then downs. I have had my dreams written down, erased, reshuffled in order, ticked off, you know, like that like that.

So I’m looking in the mirror and proud of the woman beaming back at me. 

Happy birthday to me! Thank you God for the years, and today especially, for the showers of love.

Meanwhile, what is the official entry level age for the category “late twenties”?


P:s: My sister had a baby a few days ago, so I have new narratives as the latest member of the Aunty’s league! Let nobody talk to me anyhow again o, I am not their mate. 100Watts godfather even said I should now be called big mummy, odikwanu ofele!?