Pre warning: This post might be better suited for women who have breastfed

We coined a remix to some of Flavour’s lyrics back then, it translated to

“Breast that has fallen, has fallen. The one that is standing will still fall”

The key message, was that all our mammary glands would obey the laws of gravity at some point in our lives.

Breastfeeding is said to accelerate this process, so you see some young women declare

“I will never breastfeed”
“I want to keep my breasts standing”

As always, I shall not concern myself with the scientific investigation of these ligaments.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience, a beautiful thing right next to the wonder of birthing a child. As all beautiful things, it has had all manner of stones flung at it, yet I tell you, breastfeeding wins.

Just when you think the ridiculous arguments of where, why, when and how to breastfeed is over, some women are told that their breasts have fallen.

Photo from @mommyneedsacoffee Instagram

Dictionary definition of fall: To move from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly and without control.

So let’s apply it to our scenarios. A woman’s body enters puberty, and her breasts develop, but pretty much sit on her chest. After childbirth, these breasts move from mere physical attributes, to the food system of a newborn(s).

This move, is a fall?

I hope to continually tell women to love their post baby bodies and accept the changes that come. Something gotta give!

Also forcing your child to quit breastfeeding when they are not ready, singularly to salvage their ‘standing’ defeats the entire purpose. Same applies to men who force their wives to stop breastfeeding to protect their ‘property’.

The next time you look at a woman, and think that her breasts has fallen from breastfeeding, you need to appease the gods.

You, woman, are not your breasts.

These have been my thoughts,