You see,like his father,my son’s eyes brighten when anything meaty is offered to him. Last night he kept digging his fingers into my Suya, eating all the pepper with so much expertise i doubted his age.

Me: Dera, this pepper will put you in some kind of trouble.

He didnt agree and even pulled an ‘i-won-you’ face when he had finished with all the peppered eating. I shrugged.

My vindication came a few minutes later when we hear loud screaming from his potty corner.

Me: Dera, o gini?

Amidst tears and sobs

Dera: Mommy, wee-wee. The dancing was hilarious.

Bottom-line is that you must never jump into things without knowing fully well about them. To eat suya is not enough, you must remember to wash your hands. And finding an excuse not to disturb myself with all that crying, I whispered to his dad

“Bobo mi, pls come and handle this testicular particular matter”

First Posted to facebook: September 27.2013