Is ‘your-fada-rism’ here to stay in the Arts?

We now have more than pseudointellectuals to deal with. More than ever, I have seen arrogantintellectualism play out across the Arts, from music to books to films. People will banter and loudly or subtly insult the choices that others make. They will pick a genre, place it on a high pedestal, and decide that every … Continue reading Is ‘your-fada-rism’ here to stay in the Arts?

This time of our lives

Like others, through the lockdown, I live. I am alive, this is what I tell myself everyday, because it is not only true, it is what matters the most. I wondered for years what my personality was -Introvert? Extrovert?. My birthday this year brought the final revelation, people wrote up a beautiful storm all of … Continue reading This time of our lives

So you want to be a Creative?

Hiatus A few years ago, an old classmate invited me to a pitch of hers. Her team was called 'MALT', and I'm a sucker for stuff that sticks like this. It meant 'More action less talk.' Yet, something so beautiful has become something that haunts me, many years after. I became addicted to "doing", fanatic … Continue reading So you want to be a Creative?

The closures that never came

...and never may. A year after secondary school, an old classmate called me from the blues, I was very surprised, it wasn't because we were no longer friends. Years back, she was a new girl in my school and we sort of hit up nicely, but we couldn't have been termed very close friends by … Continue reading The closures that never came